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“We truly enjoyed our stay including yoga with a view of the river, a canyon hike, the campfire at night and simply the fresh air and the pure sound of nature !”

REO's Partners

REO is proud to welcome a variety of great partners and sponsors. We love to work with local and international brands that focus on providing wholesome products that better the lives and experiences of the people around us.

Our Platinum Sponsor


Wards Cider

Wards' packinghouse was built by great-grandfather Ward in 1922, and has transformed into a cider and winery – fully equipped with a tasting room! Wards Cider is made from 100 percent tree-ripened, handpicked cider specific apples from their orchards in the sunny Okanagan Valley. It is the perfect all natural and gluten-free alternative to beer, and remains true to the old family recipe of back-to-basics and wholesome.



Our Gold Sponsors


Dead Frog Brewery

Dead Frog believes quality ingredients make quality craft brews. They spend a lot of time making sure to choose the perfect ingredients for each of their brews.  They're also committed to informing people about the brews they're enjoying, so all of the ingredients in each beer are right on the label.  They want everyone enjoying a Dead Frog brew to know exactly what they're drinking - premium malts and hops with no artificial anything, ever.




CLIF Bar provides healthy energy bars for our rafting trips and yoga retreats. They have wholesome ingredients you can see and taste, such as rolled oats, fruits and nuts. Each bar contains carbohydrates, protein, fibre, fat and 23 vitamins and minerals. They pride themselves on organic ingredients, performance nutrition, and great taste. They want to make things better. Their food. Their company. Even the planet.


Our Bronze Sponsor


Ethical Bean Coffee

The story of Ethical Bean is rooted firmly in place and purpose. In 1999, founders Lloyd Bernhardt and Kim Schachte spent most of the year in Guatemala awaiting the adoption of their daughter. There, they watched and learned about the country and the coffee and the people working to make a living growing something we all enjoy. They believed there was a better, more equitable way to honour these farmers — and Ethical Bean was born.

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